Welcome to MissGuidance, a blog dedicated to exploring the aesthetics and design of the built environment, the meanings associated with space and place, and the wonder of anything else that is eye catching. MissGuidance is based 37° 20′ N / 121° 53′ W but has also been sighted in the vicinity of 50° 46’ N / 15° 3’ E. Likely sightings may also occur 22° 54’ S / 43° 12’ W and 35° 41’ N / 139° 41’ E.

I welcome contributions to this blog in the form of articles, photos, ideas, and suggestions. Possible topics include: utopias/dystopias, virtual cities, urban case studies, theories in urban planning and architecture, subversive spaces, housing and homelessness, the city in art and history, and reviews of literature. Please send me an email with your thoughts.

I invite you, dear readers, to find something of yourself in these pages of MissGuidance.

— Alena aka “MissGuidance”